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Dimensions vs Demented: The Innovator?

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No one actually sees the future, right? Let's be honest.

Some are able to design the future. Thank you, S. Jobs, we appreciate the future you've designed for us.

Other people have designed a place on the planet where people gather and design a future -- something beyond most expectations. These places may not occupy a specific place on the planet, but location does matter. You know this if you've ever worked at home, it is way too easy to "work" at home but never get much done. The location below would seem to be designed for such a purpose, to have a place where new dimensions are considered. A place where the future is designed.

Rending for new Apple headquarters

The idea is to design a culture of innovation. Not just an innovative product, brand, campaign, building or group of people. Something greater.

From another perspective, the visionary is demented, but right at a moment in time. The visionary can set a broad direction and can prove to be right over many years. S. Jobs is an example of a visionary who is demented, referred to as his "reality distortion field." Which, if considered from that perspective, Apple was the innovator, not S. Jobs. Considering what we've read from the recent biography, S. Jobs would prefer it.

So, was he both a demented visionary and capable of designing a culture of innovation?

This is an interesting perspective, while camps form after his death, some saying, the visionary is no longer and Apple was built on one visionary person. Others saying, no, he was able to design a culture of innovation. What if both camps are right?

What if S. Jobs changed how we consider innovation, by doing both? The visionary and the designer of a culture of innovation. S. Jobs.


Aaron Keller

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