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eMagazine: Rolling-out a blockchain-powered insurance ecosystem

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Rolling out blockchain

It’s not news that the industry is split when we talk about blockchain – some are skeptical of the real impact the technology could have in the insurance industry when it is used in silos; while others are convinced blockchain brings the next disruption, particularly when applied in conjunction with AI and IoT technologies.

In our latest eMagazine, we speak to a range of experts about where the insurance industry is when it comes to experimenting, implementing and funding transformation with blockchain, and why sentiment seems to be cooling on this technology.


  • Christopher McDaniel, President, The Institutes

  • Nick Pester, Partner, Insurance, Capital Law

  • Oana Dolea, GDPR Practice Lead, D2 Legal Technology

  • Matthew Williams, Consultant, D2 Legal Technology

  • Akber Datoo, Managing Partner, D2 Legal Technology

  • Dorota Zimnoch, Chief Commercial Officer, Blocksure

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