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Extraordinary Experience #17: A FUSE day of inspiration.

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We laughed, we cried, we thought, we listened, we talked, we Mingled, we looked, we listened more, we commented, we tweeted, we retweeted, we blogged, we clogged (not really), we enjoyed. One day of Fuse resulted in the following.

We learned it's never too early to bring up the phrase, "the big idea." Ok, I guess we knew that already, but it's always good to be reminded.
We watched an Italian (Mauro) compress a 60 minute speech into 30 minutes. And we thought Italians talk fast in their native language! Keeping up was a challenge.
We were impressed and delighted by the intriguing presentation approach of Marco Beghin as he reminded us that analog and digital can co-habitate. I am now shopping for a new Moleskine journal.
We sat with our mouths hanging open as Karim Rashid talked about living digital and living in our current social structure. Anyone else think it really must be hard for Karim to live in our "less than designed" world?
We learned about a new Mingle technology and found ourselves mingling with a fair number of interesting people. Awkward at first, but everyone's doing it.
We came back from lunch and a fight nearly broke out in a research discussion. Really, the audience took over and we all enjoyed the impromptu debate.
Then, we moved into a presentation by Kotex and talk about female body parts. Way to make the men in the audience squirm, Jennifer. We really enjoyed it.
We'll be back for more tomorrow. Now onto more Mingling and meaningful conversations.

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