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How passion projects can ignite creativity in your business

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Passion projects have become a popular way to boost creativity at work. Find out what it takes to launch your passion project and how it can maximize innovation, teamwork and work satisfaction.

Innovation has always been a hollow word for me. It implies some kind of over-blown process, that only the most highly-resourced businesses can master. To me, ideas, common sense and ingenuity are perfectly good words to describe the act creating a business advantage. Ideas have always been a part of the best business cultures. They are the life blood that drives an enterprise, to uncover new ways of doing things, to create new ventures and become more competitive.

But some companies struggle to recognize that they have this ability within them. They are hindered by a lack of belief in themselves, or they see creativity as a trivial distraction to their core responsibility of making money.

These are understandable concerns but shouldn’t prevent a business from flexing its creative muscles. Passion projects are becoming an increasingly popular way to kick-start creativity within a business. They provide an isolated, low-risk opportunity to investigate business challenges, that could eventually be monetized into substantial ventures. As many brand leaders can testify.

Beyond this passion projects are transforming businesses from within. They allow staff to improve their problem-solving skills, become more self-reliant, and more proactive in their contribution to the collective efforts of the company.

In this article I will:

  • Discuss the power of ideas within business.
  • Identify the barriers to creativity and how to overcome them.
  • Provide guidelines to developing your own passion project.
  • Outline the many business benefits from pursuing your passion.
  • Share nine benefits of creativity in the workplace.

Read on to find how you can unleash your creative potential, energize your employees and stay ahead of competition. Remember, a passion project can come in all shapes and sizes. It’s up to leaders to demonstrate that they are committed to maximizing the potential of their workforce and to show that creativity is a business practice that you value for opportunities it could bring.

Read the full article and get creative now!

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