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Ignite Inspiration:Extinguish Reality

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We are excited to roll into Chicago in April and start socializing one of the big three events in the design industry: FUSE 2015. This is our fifth year of journalistic coverage by the Capsule team.

Each year we attempt to pick a color and style of thread to tie our posts together leading up to and during the three day event. This year we became fascinated with the theme phrase, "Ignite Inspiration." Someone asked, "what does that mean?" Is there a match involved? The words are so happy.

Then we explored antonyms for those two words because we, as humans, derive meaning from the comparisons we make in life. Some call it framing the subject in order to better understand intended meaning. Also, we're dark, pessimistic people so we can't help but seek to understand the other side.

Antonyms for ignite: cool, put out, quench, extinguish, dull.
Antonyms for inspiration: discouragement, hindrance, reality, truth, depression.

Intriguing how it gives more meaning. The antonyms for inspiration include truth and reality. The antonyms for ignite include extinguish, quench and dull. Why does this matter and what does it contribute to the FUSE conversation?


They are currency inside organizations. We exchange them like pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. They make us stop, listen, read, think and resolve. Words are powerful little meaning embedded tools inside organizations. And, when we get together at an event such as FUSE, we exchange a gaggle of words. We take new ones back to our lives or perhaps attach new meaning to words we've used in plentiful form previously. 

Sometimes we abuse words like: innovation, creativity, brand and design. We take the shine off the words by dulling their meaning. We over use some words. In contrast we underuse words and forget words even existed, like aeipathy; continued passion; an unyielding disease. "Her aeipathy for design bordered on pathological." Spell check doesn't even know it. Apparently it died in 1853, sad.

Whatever the case, being at FUSE is a torrential downpour of words for three straight days. So, in order to prepare ourselves and as our thread in the FUSE conversation, we offer a new perspective on existing words. We will pick a pair of words, add visuals and write on our view of their meaning. 

Then, when we get to FUSE, we'll ask our fellow random conference attendees, "what one word would you use for that segment?" We will challenge you to use words outside the lexicon of our world. We will challenge you because if you give us challenging words to write about our posts will only be more entertaining to you and our fellow attendees.

So, there it is. Our plan. Sketchy? Sure. Inspired? Hope so. 

Aaron Keller                   Kitty Hart

Managing Principal          Director, Client Experience

Capsule, Design              Capsule, Design

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