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In the Moment: FUSE: Day one: Chipotle

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William Espey has earned his place in the NextBigDesign hall of fame. He has the green jacket, the champion's cup and a he is certainly going to be a returning lifetime member of the FUSE family. He talked about "the scientist" by Willie Nelson. Twitter whet crazy, number one country song on iTunes the next day after the grammies and they won every advertising award ever.

All this started with a happy accident.

Then William states, "felt we could do more and better"

They started creating experiences, events, designed content, that grew like crazy.

Then came scarecrow // which came later and grew more. Classic story of conflict between the scarecrow and the crow. They attached themselves to a movement and move to the center of it // because it was important to the brand and to them (the people).

All this is amazing, this is a brand with a heart. This is the brand we fell in love with and we can believe in because they are more than a meal, they are a movement.

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