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In the moment: FUSE: More Than Pretty

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Colleen Dehmer, talking on behalf of Target.
Michael Kravit, talking for Honest Tea.

Both brands talked about informal relationships and how they build a community around design in order to get design through an organization. And, each talked about proximity and where designers are located, relative to the rest of the organization. The lesson seems to be co-located with other designers is the most essential structure.

Honest Tea, spoke to the little things they do in order to connect with their audiences. These included peeling back labels, seeing inside and having the packaging email go to senior people in the organization. Honest Tea is living up to the word they use for their name. It isn't an easy one to live up to, but they seem to be doing so.

Target is confronting the importance of sustainability. They have uncovered significant confusion, they are now employing a story on how to recycle. Education is expensive, but the leaders who take it on are the ones who can own it. Target has faced one of the largest challenges we've seen in retailing and they are continuing to make the positive changes needed to move forward.

We have other questions we'd like to ask the speakers, relative to this important discussion.

Would you describe Honest Tea as a mission driven culture or a design driven culture?
How much impact does your corporate culture have in helping design make an impact?
Colleen, how important has the Minneapolis design community been to the culture of Target?
Do you think design driven organizations come out of particular communities more than others?

Session details:

More Than Pretty: Design Impact on Brands and The Bottom Line

Michael Kravit,
Creative Director, Honest Tea
Colleen Dehmer, Group Manager Packaging Engineering, Target
Moderated by: Rob Wallace, Managing Partner, Wallace Church

Link to follow up on for the DMI Economic Impact of design.


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