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It's Cool to Wear Black Socks and Sandals - The Power of Brand

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When I was younger, wearing black socks with anything other than dress shoes was considered a fashion faux pas.  The highest crime was to wear black socks with sandals.

Then Nike made black socks cool.  All it takes is the 'swish' of the Nike magic wand being waved over feet of men everywhere, and black socks became cool.

Nike is being true to their brand.

No Excuses.
Just Do it.
Life is a sport. Make it count.
Nike uses the power of sport, the power of 'the challenge' to inspire people to be more, and to dress the part. '

Sports warriors wear uniforms, civilians wear socks. 
Black is just part of the uniform...

How does your brand transform the everyday?

About the Author

Michael Plishka is the President of ZenStorming(TM), a design and innovation consultancy. He can be followed on Twitter @Plish and through LinkedIn.
Read more at his  ZenStorming Blog.


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