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Live From FUSE 2013: Expecting The Unexpected

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On the third and final day at FUSE 2013, Magnus Lindkvist, a trendspotter and futurist, began with an enthusiastic conversation about time, change and the future. We live in a progressive society where change is meaningful. Our fast paced technology is allowing for impulse entrepreneurship and the ability to connect suppliers, needers and users very quickly with temporary business.

 How can we make the best of the fleeting opportunities that are floating around us? There are current beliefs and thoughts that impede creativity and change for the future. One is our culture's focus on competition which is crippling to innovation and change because competition and creativity have absolutely nothing in common. Competition is to copy and creativity is to making new. 'The future,' Lindkvist says, 'will always be completely unexpected.' We can't know, and in that uncertainty we need to make a choice to compete or create.

The three things needed for successful creativity:

1. Experimentation : Don't be afraid to do things differently
2. Falire and Recycling : The failures are what you need to focus on to find new ideas
3. Patience and Persistence is key : Twitter didn't explode for three years. Their patience and persistence changed the way the world communicates. Think about that!

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