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Moments + Movements: Day Two, Eleven to Three

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Section two, from Eleven to Three in the afternoon. Carla gets us started, Jon takes us to Three.

Carla Cooper from Daymon worldwide started with an iconic brand [Coca-Cola]. She was there when New Coke came out. The phone lines lit up when it came out. Taste profile preference was sweeter, they didn't ask what would you do if the existing Coke was not available. Coca-Cola classic was introduced to our world. It was a mistake, confirmed by Carla. Good to know even the largest brand in the world isn't perfect.

Author Koen de Jong, Author of Private Label Uncovered gave us the second of our midday presentations. He was plentiful in his content which is always good for a keynote.

Lunch, now we get to eat and connect some more.

Jon Weber from Soma beverage gave us emotional value. One of the early statements he made, "necessity is the mother of invention." We agree. But we also wonder.

Who is the grandmother of invention? Think about it.

Back to Jon and his mint beverage. Who would say 5 years ago, let's start a new water brand? I wouldn't have invested in a new water brand. But, he did it and I wish I knew Jon back when he did it because he made something of value from a bottle of mint infused water. He made a brand. And he is a proud father of that brand, he even glows when he talks about the dots and "standing out like a sore thumb." Thank you Jon you were a great way to finish up the midday.

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