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Movements + Moments: day one, one full day.

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The Private Brand Conference started off with a pre-conference day [monday] that was anything but pre. It was a plentiful day.
Paco Underhill started us off in the pre-conference on Monday. It is hard to think of a better way to start the day than listening to a leading thinker in retail consumer behavior research. Most of the people in business use buzz words, Paco makes buzz words. If that doesn't help you consider how influential Paco is, read his book "Why We Buy" and you'll find yourself seeking out his next speaking event.

Kitty Hart with Paco Underhill

The rest of the day speakers passed the baton and kept the conversation going. From Mark Andeer talking about OfficeMax redefining what a private brand can accomplish to Patrick Hanlon talking about the changes we face today in a consumption driven society. More important, when we did have breaks, the conversations were wonderful. This happens when impressive thinkers get together to listen, learn, converse and connect.
The first day could not have been a better place for walking away knowing you are smarter, further connected and more fulfilled than you were one day previous. If you missed it find someone who was there and ask them what they learned.
Now that we've had a bountiful appetizer let's get to the main meal on Tuesday.
Enjoy your day.
Managing Principal

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