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Movements + Moments: Day Two, Eight to Eleven.

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The morning started off with an eye opening set of three speakers.
Christopher Durham from My Private Brand started us off with a broad brush about thinking first about the brands we own and our obligation to build stronger brands. Then consider the advantage they offer as private brands.
Todd Hale from Nielson took the stage next and dropped us into a vat of trends extrapolated from data he translated into valuable information. This kept us all writing, thinking and considering how we can use this information. Then, similar to Christopher, we were served up a plate full of eye candy.
Harry Pierce of Pentagram was up third, but our first taste of an English accent. His design stories [Halfords, The Cooperative and Budgens] and emphasis on typography were appreciated by the design eyes in the room. His stories of pushing design to permeate a corporation were appreciated by those in the trenches [you know who you are].
The morning was a good balance of hardy statistics and flavorful eye candy. Nourishing but also good for the sweet tooth we all have for design. Looking forward to a midday with Carla from Daymon Worldwide, Koen from IPLC, Betsy from Michaels and Jeff from Sears.
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