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MUSE Newsletter: Lost in Thought with Jake Katz

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January 30, 2014 | Jake Katz

lost in thought
with Jake Katz

VP, Audience Insights & Strategy

I'm inspired by the fact that we're in an era with more questions than answers.

My tools of the trade are people are more interesting than numbers

My favorite ad campaign didn't feel like an ad campaign

I lead by authentic curiosity and helpful ideas

To me, brilliant is passion, manifested

Best advice I ever received lean in to the sharp points

As of now, I'm totally over
generational generalizations and manufactured trends

At the moment, I'm obsessed with
finding the truth in the Millennial conversation

Dream project
is a reality, it's called REVOLT's Road to Truth program. I'm traveling around the country with a camera crew, conducting interviews with everyone from real people in real settings to cultural icons defining our times.

When I'm having a creative block I practice marching band drum rudiments on a practice pad

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