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Muse Newsletter: Lost in Thought with Steven Overman

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Friday, March 13, 2015 | Steven Overman

lost in thought
with Steven Overman

Chief Marketing Officer, President, Consumer and Film Division, Kodak

I’m inspired by people who are utterly madly in love with what they do, no matter what it is.

To me, brilliant is what shows up on the table when I put myself completely in the hands of chef Rabah Ourah at Wormwood, my local restaurant in London.

My favorite app is Snapseed for making photos taken on my iPhone look amazing. I can shave years off my selfies.

When I’m having a creative block, I head into my kitchen and start chopping, combining, and cooking.

The funniest thing that ever happened to me was turning 40. Years ago. Still hilarious.

My favorite brand is Kodak, of course, because of the heritage, the fact that it was designed to be one of the world’s first truly global brands, and all the possibilities for its future.

My favorite ad campaign is I WANT MY MTV. The ultimate call to action ' I rang up my cable provider right away.

My favorite color is green.

My dream project is building a vibrant community of artists, filmmakers and photographers ' professionals and amateurs ' people who help us all see fleeting moments of beauty through their eyes. Lucky for me, this happens to be my job.

The best advice I ever received is know what you suck at, surround yourself with people who fill in your gaps, and inspire them to help you.

The very next thing on my to-do list is a finance call.

My dream collaborator is the artist Tacita Dean.

I think the Kardashians are'who are the Kardashians?

At least once, everyone should visit Jerusalem, to draw your own conclusions - about conflict, sacredness, politics, and humanity. And, discuss it all over dinner at the so-hip-it-aches Machne Yuda.

The best way to unwind after a long day is cooking dinner, setting the table, lighting candles and making a toast with people I love.

The smartest person I’ve ever worked with is a four-way tie between Film Director Jonathan Demme. Artist Peter Halley, Wired Founder Louis Rossetto, and Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke.

I’m looking for but can’t find the DIVA soundtrack on Spotify.

If I had a one year sabbatical, I would write a cookbook.

The most overused word in meetings today is “can’t.”

At FUSE 2015, I can’t wait to be inspired and make new friends.

At the moment, I’m obsessed with Paris, because it defies and defines modernity simultaneously. After years of dissing it in favor of London’s dynamism, I’ve been seduced by Paris’ narcissistic and stubborn obsession with being itself. Some say it’s dead, a museum. It’s got no great nightlife or buzzy edge. But it’s truly global and romantically timeless. The ultimate counterbalance to the hurtling-forward pace of life, or maybe I’m just getting old.

As of now, I’m totally over television. I don’t even have one.

I’d define my personal style as preppy bear.

My tools of the trade are MacBook Air, iPhone 6, Philips electric beard trimmer, and a full range of international electrical adaptors.

The biggest thing that has changed since I started in the industry is the ever-increasing importance of mobile.

I’m happiest when I’m in Barcelona, I’ve stayed out too late, slept in too long, and rock up at the beach no earlier than 2pm.
I lead by having conversations figuring out what really motivates people, and connecting the task to their truest selves.

I wish I could start an ethical and sustainable menswear brand.

I’m proud that I authored and published “The Conscience Economy.”

My playlist includes Jessie Ware, Chvrches, Nina Simone, Chopin, and everything from Horsemeat Disco.

You can usually find me at 40,000 feet.

The last stamp on my passport was Canada.

The next stamp on my passport is Israel.

When I look back on my career, I’m grateful for all its crazy variety and the incredible people who’ve mentored me.

I still hope to leave the world a better place than I found it.

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