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MUSE Newsletter: Lost in Thought with Vicki Young

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Friday, August 5th | Vicki Young

lost in thought
with Vicki Young

Director & Founder, Nalla Design

I'm inspired by everything in life. Everything you see every day can be an inspiration. So for me it's about opening my eyes, ears and heart.

To me, brilliant is anything that makes me smile, I love witty approaches and things that surprise me.

My favorite app is Citymapper.

When I'm having a creative block I walk my dog, usually around the local park. I also find running on the treadmill really meditative.

My favorite brand is Waitrose - they have done a great job at really sticking to their values of quality even though a recession.

My favorite color is yellow - the color of sunshine.

My dream project is to rebrand an art space/center, I'd love to work on a project that fuses culture and great branding.

The best advice I ever received was "be more you."

The very next thing on my to-do list is to book a haircut! Days, weeks, months go so quick with work that I forget about the everyday living part!

My dream collaborator would be working with Eva Zeisel. She was an amazing potter that worked right up until the age of 105 before she died. I collect her work it's so sensitive and beautiful, I would have loved to have met her.

The best way to unwind after a long day is sit down, have a glass of wine and relax.

At least once, everyone should hike a mountain.

If I had a one year sabbatical, I would do something that really made me grow as a person.

The most overused word in meetings today is "strategy" - but it is very important!At FUSE London, I can't wait to meet new people, influencers and learn something new, I love learning.

At the moment, I'm obsessed with planning and implementing my to-do list.

As of now, I'm totally over a non-digital brand approach.

I'd define my personal style as honest and approachable.

My tools of the trade are CC suite, but I'm also loving excel right now!

The biggest thing that has changed since I started in the industry is the constant evolution in technology.

I'm happiest when we receive great client feedback.

I lead by trust and enthusiasm.

I wish I could have a swimming pool on our studio rooftop!

I'm proud that our studio culture remains whilst the company is growing.

My playlist is music that helps me work, both chilled and motivating.

You can usually find me dashing between meetings in the tube.

The last stamp on my passport was New Zealand.

The next stamp on my passport is Japan.

When I look back on my career I feel proud and I'm motivated to pursue more and make my dreams happen.

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