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Pure Michigan branding campaign inspires other states to recast their image

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In an effort to boost tourism, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Rhode Island have embarked on expansive branding campaigns. With the success of Michigan's "Pure Michigan" campaign, states now have a solid case study of how to quickly turn around a state's image toward a much brighter future. USAToday.com writes, Pure Michigan is a prime example of state "branding," the process by which a state (or any other place) plants a readily identifiable notion of itself in the national imagination. The goal is to make people visit, move there, do business there, or buy its products. Michigan has been spending $1 million to $2 million a year to make Pure Michigan ads. In 2009, when its total tourism marketing budget was $28 million, the state spent $19.4 million to advertise, including $10 million on national cable TV. A survey commissioned by the state credited the Pure Michigan national broadcast ads with attracting 681,000 additional visitors from outside the region. They spent $250 million and produced $17.5 million in extra taxes, for a return of $2.23 per national ad dollar.

It looks like branding campaigns can provide significant revenue for states - if done correctly. With Michigan's example, do you think that more states will jump on board, spending extra dollars to boost tourism?

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