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Quant in flux – QuantMinds eMagazine 2023

What are the key opportunities that every quant fund must be going for?

In this eMagazine, we take a deep dive into the trends that are shaping the future of quant finance, including insights on large language models, the current landscape, regulations, quantum computing and more! We also spoke experts on important issues in quant finance:

  • Matthias Arnsdorf, Global Head of XVA & Counterparty Credit Risk Modelling, JP Morgan, on market trends

  • Chandni Bhan, Global Chief Risk Officer, Wise, on liquidity risk management

  • Vivek Anand, QIS Research Analyst, Deutsche Bank AG, on sentiment analysis

  • Blanka Horvath, Associate Professor in Mathematical and Computational Finance, University of Oxford on generative AI

  • Carol Alexander, Professor, University of Sussex, on crypto trading and decentralised finance

  • Matthew Rooney, Head of Quant Research & Analytics, Selby Jennings, on algo & systematic trading

  • Anastasiya Yachmeniova, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Compatibl, on large language models

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