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Report: Mobile Technology is Transforming the Face of Creativity and Design

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The New Creatives Report, a U.S. survey of more than 1,000
creative professionals and 500 students in creative disciplines, found that 77
per cent of creatives believe change within the industry is happening rapidly,
with two-thirds expecting their role will be significantly different within
three years.
Additionally, 87 percent of those who create mobile content
believe doing so has had a positive impact on their work. 'Creatives are going
mobile, and this means a sea change for the creative process,' said David
Wadhwani, senior vice president and general manager, Digital Media Business Unit
at Adobe.
While a third (36 percent) say they rely on pen and paper
for brainstorming, 42 per cent say they use mobile to create content anywhere.
Not to mention, 80 percent respondents believe they must learn new tools and
techniques and three quarters say that creatives must now work across multiple
mediums and disciplines.
According to Wadhwani, "Three in four creatives say
that mobile is transforming the face of creativity and design. Nearly triple
the number of creatives say they want to use a tablet for idea generation than
those who are doing it today. It's exciting to see that it isn't only the
opportunity to create content for mobile, but also the act of being mobile that
these professionals are embracing.'

Check out the full
New Creatives Report below:

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