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Seeing the future of Luxury

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Luxury is by definition excessive. We don't need it we purely desire it. But our desires change with our culture and our values. And it is luxury that takes brands to their ultimate expression.

Our transatlantic Pearlfisher insight program focuses on four basic areas that underline the needs and wants of human behavior and is therefore most relevant to brands and business. These four areas are Taste, Body, Connection, and Luxury. Our Luxury Insight explores the big shifts in the world of luxury by looking at cultural and categorical change to unearth the future trends and discover the leading edge. We speak to the experts and opinion formers who are in the best position to shape the future, then explore the changes we see to create concepts that build a highly inspirational, imagined picture of the future of luxury.

Our most recent study shows that in the past luxury was about one ideal but in the future it will be about many ideals. We have reconciled these key ideals into a series of shifts. Below is a brief synopsis of these shifts and the future brand concepts that we have designed.

1) Shift: From Established to Emerging Ideals ' Historically, luxury has been rooted in the West but a new global audience driven by diversity is drawing inspiration from new cultural nuances and opening up dramatic and dynamic new languages of luxury.

Concept: Rever; a new luxury brand that celebrates both East and West by creating the ultimate union between the two. It is one brand made of two parts perfectly mirroring each other ' strikingly different yet completely connected with admiration, attraction and fascination.

2) Shift: From Indulgent to Ultimate - In a world where the proportion of high net worth individuals is growing at an exponential rate, we're looking for increasingly innovative ways in which to showcase our wealth and status.

Concept: 10,000 X; a service that helps reveal and hone your natural talents in a world where money is no object and the ultimate luxury is genius.

3) Shift: From Surface to Depth - a Tiffany trademark is a pure and aspirational affirmation of love. In a future where individuality rules and the complexity of love is celebrated, not hidden, Tiffany will challenge it's own norms.

Concept: TBC by Tiffany; a new type of statement; a bespoke, metamorphic jewelry service that affirms not just the beginning of love, but also its magnificent evolution. One piece of jewelry with unlimited alterations. A perfect way to tell the world how powerful and rich love truly is.

4) Shift: From Excess to Asset - Human beings are incredible feats of natural engineering but we often struggle to function at optimum potential. The easy answer is escapism, the aspirational solution is a way to stay put with tools of the future that allow us to function at our most powerful at all times.

Concept: Audi Principium; a future-focused solution; a state of the art, human fine-tuning service that uses four powerfully precise mechanisms to strip away our frivolous excesses and re-set us. It's the ultimate experience; transforming us into sharp, well oiled machines of unforgiving focus.

Next week we share our Body Insight. To find out more about our Insight offer please email jessica@pearlfisher.com

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