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The 10 most read posts of 2018

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With 2018 coming to an end, we are looking back at a year in clinical trials that has seen increasing implementation of new technologies, met with ever-present challenges around patient recruitment and retention. Of the posts featured here on Clinical Trials Innovation, data and new technology dominate the 2018 most read list with patient-centricity and clinical partnerships also making  an appearance. Explore the full top 10 here.


1) The most effective clinical trial data collection technologies - INDUSTRY VOICES

A range of ten clinical professionals from pharma, CROs and technology providers explore the most effective new technologies and innovative strategies being used to collect clinical data, and the benefits these are offering for both those running the trial and the patient.

2) INDUSTRY REPORT: Beyond the Hype in Clinical Trials

We conducted one of the biggest surveys of its kind across clinical trial professionals on whether issues like AI, mHealth and patient-centricity are truly impacting clinical trials today, or is all the buzz simply white noise? The final report, based on 199 responses, reveals unique insights into how companies really view these trends and to what extent they are actually implementing them in trials today.

3) Five AI healthcare startups bringing us closer to cures

It's estimated that AI could cut clinical trial costs by 90%, yet a recent Deloitte study also that tells us “a number of clinical trial activities still use the same processes as in the 1990s.”  We spoke to six innovators who are tackling AI head on – scientists and entrepreneurs working to bring clinical trials to the people who need them – to find out what they are doing to solve the innovation problem.

4) Clinical data: 9 experts reveal the biggest challenges

We asked a range of clinical professionals from pharma, CROs, technology providers and associations about the biggest challenges around clinical data they face. We gathered answers from nine of them here.

5) Innovations in clinical trial data capture

" Converting to remote paperless trials should be a given for every clinical trial organisation in terms of cost, convenience for the patient, as well as affording patients the ability for information intake using the electronic methods they’re familiar with." Founder of Healthinnovations Michelle Petersen  explores innovative data capture strategies to improve patient retention and recruitment.

6) How is the clinical partnership landscape evolving? - INDUSTRY VOICES

Partnerships have always been central to clinical trials, but with increased complexity and new opportunities created by technology, they are becoming more and more prevalent and vital to many pharma companies. We asked dozens of clinical professionals from all areas of research about the trends and innovations they are seeing in the clinical partnerships landscape. Here we’ve gathered eight of their responses.

7) Is Barcelona the place to be for clinical trials?

Jordi Naval, CEO of Biocat - an organization that champions the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem in Catalonia - explores what makes the area such a globally renowned hub.

8) "Smartphones could become the ubiquitous tool that brings clinical research to the masses" - Mount Sinai CDH Director

Yvonne Chan, MD, PHD, FACEP, Director, Center for Digital Health, Associate Professor of Genetics and Genomic Sciences and Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, explores how digital health is revolutionizing clinical trials.

9) Tackling the patient recruitment challenge - Willie Muehlhausen, ICON

As part of PCT TV at Partnerships in Clinical Trials Europe, we spoke to Willie Muehlhausen, Head of Innovation at CRO ICON, about what he sees as the biggest challenge facing clinical trials today - patient recruitment, and what changes the industry can make to tackle it.

10) The patient-centricity gap in clinical trials - data report analysis

Base don the results of our Beyond the Hype survey, we took a deep dive into the data around the perceptions, implementation, benefits and challenges of patient-centricity to pick out key trends of where the industry is at with patient-centric approaches.


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