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The future of our Connections - Our upcoming future insight study.

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Leading up to the World Future Trends Summit in Miami, we're pleased to run this series from the Pearlfisher Insights program. To view the whole series, click here.

In the past there were rigid social structures that kept people connected and rules that guided relationships.

But these structures have been broken down and the rules are disappearing which means that the laws of society are changing as well. An unusual dichotomy has arisen from these changes; on one hand, we are now more connected to the world around us than ever before, and yet at the same time we remain grossly disconnected from one another. Today we are free to decide how, to whom, for how long and in what depth we connect, and the possibilities are endless.

Beyond all of this, our ultimate aspiration remains for perfectly balanced union with each other and the world. In the past we wanted to be liberated, in the future we will want to be united.

Our transatlantic Pearlfisher Insight program focuses on four basic areas that underline the needs and wants of human behavior and are therefore most relevant to brands and business: One of these areas is Connection, which focuses on the structure and rules that will guide the future of our relationships and way of life. The other 3 key areas are Taste: the future of food and drink, Luxury: the future world of aspiration and its evolving expressions, and Body: the future ways in which we will view our bodies. (To review our previous blog pieces and find out more about our Insight areas and the blue sky concepts we have created please click on the links here: Taste, Body, Luxury.)

For Connection, as with all of our key areas, we will explore the big shifts that are happening and define the leading edge by speaking to experts and opinion makers who are in the best position to shape the future. We combine this knowledge with our own explorations into the cultural and categorical changes happening around us to create blue-sky design concepts that build a rich picture of the future for brands.

 Today the way we connect is at the center of our lives, defining how we see ourselves and relate the world around us. Our insight into connection explores the structures and rules that will guide the future of our relationships and way of life.

Connection is at the heart of Pearlfisher as a design agency. Pearlfisher was founded in London by Creative Partners, Jonathan Ford and Karen Welman, and Managing Partner, Mike Branson. This November, Pearlfisher will be celebrating its 20th year! Our New York studio was founded in 2003 and both teams work together, championing the Pearlfisher brand across the Atlantic. With teams in different continents and clients all over the world, we continuously look for new ways to inspire and connect with each other, from standard technological means of communicating, to wider initiatives that inspire, surprise and make a difference. Our teams recently worked together on the Create A Master Peace campaign in support of this years Peace One Day on September 21st - http://masterpeacegallery.tumblr.com/ http://peaceoneday.org/. 

Pearlfisher teams from New York and London created Peace motif installations made from white flowers in Union Square and Trafalgar Square and galvanized creativity from schools and community groups around the world. The campaign was a fantastic example of the power of a good idea and how this can spread organically, connecting not only our teams, but children and adults standing up for Peace around the world.

Next week we will share a taster from Jonathan Ford ahead of his presentation in Miami on October 17th. Defining the future of healthy eating will be a vibrant mixology of insightful and future focused visions to help redefine the future of healthy eating and its impact on consumers, organizations and brands around the world. 

Jonathan Ford, Creative Partner, Pearlfisher will be presenting "Pearlfisher Insight: Seeing the Future" at the upcoming World Future Trends Summit. To learn more about the event, visit the website here. Readers of our blog can save 15% off the registration price with code FT12BLOG.

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