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This isn't brain surgery, but it is design.

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You don't have to be a brain scientist to design, but it does require the ability to access your entire brain. Design is heavily intuitive, therefore heavy right-brain. But, flash in the pan design often comes from an intuitive approach with no forgiveness for the analytics of life.

You might say the world of marketing comes down to applied psychology and applied economics (thank you, Mark Bergen). If a design approach considers only the intuitive it may find challenges when it hits the channel. Alternatively, when a design is analytical only (think direct mail design) the bond formed with an audience is often fleeting.

But, these are crude examples. The human brain is not fully understood, yet we continue to explore. Someday we may know everything there is to know about the human brain (at such a day we might find the universe implodes on itself, my theory). Certainly in decades to come we will look back on our body of knowledge as most of us now look back on those oceanic explorers who determined the world was round.

This sets up one of the few authors serving as an oceanic explorer of our time, exploring the human mind. An amazing speaker, Jonah Lehrer talks about decision making and perhaps a bit of brain science. His, "How We Decide" has been well read within the Capsule office. Now, to listen to him speak on the subject will certainly be comparable to listening to Christopher Columbus upon his return from his East Indies.

And, for those creative minds from Minnesota visiting FUSE, his interest in Bob Dylan is curious for us. We are proud of our creative roots and dedication to the marriage of design and innovation up in the tundra of the midwest.

We are certainly looking forward to all the speakers, but Jonah, your mind is going to get some special attention from the audience, for this we are certain.

Thank you for sharing.

Managing Principal

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