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This Week In Design & Brand Strategy: 11/9/15 - 11/13/15

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Fast Company this week released an article on the 3 key traits of an 'exceptional designer' and they are, well, inspiring even for those of us who aren't designers. The first trait listed is an empathetic designer with a business-savvy mindset. 'Exceptional designers take an empathetic approach to not only understanding the person they are designing for but also the mindset and requirements coming from each stakeholder in the process.' Being open and respectful and capable of building relationships is listed as the second quality. If you think about it, this one really makes sense, as design often requires one to think outside the box and be open to many different directions of art. The final quality according to the article is being a selfless advocate and acting like a communication bridge. 'Exceptional designers put themselves in the shoes of the person they are designing for.' So there you have it, three keys to being successful in the design industry. What do you think? Should there be others?
In a fascinating article on Fast Company this week, the author explores eerie photos that literally show people getting sucked into their mobile devices. According to the article, a photographer based out of London by the name of, Antoine Geigeris noticed that everyone is constantly connected to their phones and wanted to make a statement about it. 'In a photo series entitled SUR-FAKE, Geigeris explores what he terms 'over-exposure' to our phones by depicting people getting their faces sucked off by their devices.' Apparently Geigeris captures an image where a person is looking down at their phone and from there, distorts the pixels of their faces using Photoshop in order to create a melting effect. ''The images weren't staged. They are all proofs, facts that I captured, and post-treated to apply my feeling on it' I used a telephoto lens so I could shoot from far away without being noticed. But sometimes I shot with a regular lens'you can literally come in front of somebody and take a picture they won't even notice. It's fascinating.'' Want to view the pictures? Click here.
Switzerland is famous for being home to many spectacular things including chocolate, accurate clocks and, self-driving what?! That's right. Switzerland is set to soon add a driverless bus to this list. According to an article on Fast Company this week, the Swiss city of Sion will be carrying out a two-year trial with two autonomous buses starting this spring. 'The buses come from startup BestMile and will be operated by SwissPost transport subsidiary Car Postal. The company's name hints at the purpose for these small, nine-person shuttles. They are designed to cover the "last mile," the gap between a regular bus or metro stop and the passenger's own front door.' Many are saying that this design could prove to be a pleasant alternative to common ideas of having fleets of driverless taxis. Here, the idea is public transportation while putting less vehicles on the road and adding to the cluster of taxis. My one concern is the jobs that are being stolen with this move? What do you guys think? Are robotic busses worth the amount of driver jobs that will be lost?

Nichole Dicharry, is a Digital Marketing Assistant at IIR USA, Marketing and Finance Divisions, who works on various aspects of the industry including social media, marketing analysis and media. She can be reached at 

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