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This Week in Design & Brand Strategy: 6/8/15 - 6/12/15

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New Dyslexia Font: Created by you guessed it... a dyslexic graphic designer

Disney Proves That Profitable Marketing Is About Brand Stories: Disney develops stories first, brands and products second

3 Unexpected Ways To Boost Creativity

Free EV Chargers? There's a catch... they have ads

EU Project Applies Nanotechnology To Food Packaging: An Anti-microbial varnish

Do You Have A Brand Persona? Only 62% of companies have a formal brand strategy

Building Brands Through Customer Service: Don't let your customers become lost at see

An Algorithm That Can Judge Creativity As Well As Experts: Quantifying art in a computer

How Food Brands Can Nail Instagram: It's all about showing personality 

Sony's Sensors Are More Exciting Than Their New Cameras: Nearly half of the image-sensor market is dominate by Sony

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