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Transform Big Data into Big Decisions at FT'14

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If you had all the data in the world at your fingertips,
what would you do to delight your customers?
- Andreas Weigend
Join Keynote Andreas Weigend, Former Chief Scientist, AMAZON and
Director, SOCIAL DATA LAB - as he takes stage at (FT'14)
Foresight and Trends Conference,  November 11 - 13 in Los Angeles,
CA.  During his keynote-The New Consumer: Celebrating Individuals,
Cultivating Relationships - Andreas discusses how the social data
revolution impacts individuals, business, and society. As we move from a
data-poor to a data-rich world, those who hold the questions trump those who
hoard the data. 
Foresight & Trends 2014
November 11-13
SLS Hotel
Los Angeles, CA

Along with Andreas, FT'14  keynotes include:  
The Climate for

Mark Polson, Vice President, Marketing, Creativity & Innovation, Global
Organizational culture is difficult to change. By some
measures, it can take nearly a generation, that can be up to seven to ten
years. Creating the right climate for innovation is something that is much
easier to accomplish to get faster results. This presentation will look at why
companies need to innovate, what the difference is between climate and culture,
how climate can be measured, and some best practices.
Structured To Get To

Stuart Jenkins, VP Innovation, DECKERS
If innovation starts with "yes," why is everyone
in the organization empowered to say "no"?  I believe that
companies have a built-in structure which favors "no" and empowers
nearly everyone to say "no." The real innovator's dilemma is building
a leadership structure around innovation that balances the power and leans
towards "yes."
Additional Keynotes

Shifting Culture and
Social Norms Through Media and Products

Miki and Radha Agrawal, Co-Founders and Co-CEO's, THINX and SUPER
Street Food and
Community Space

Brett Burmeister, Owner, Managing Editor, FOODCARTSPORTLAND.COM
And, many more!  
Download the brochure for
full conference details:
Make sure to not miss The Off Site Kick-Off Cocktail
Reception & Exploration Of Oblong Industries:  From Fiction to
Reality: How the Technology Envisioned in "Minority Report" and
"Iron Man" is Transforming Workplace Collaboration and Big Data
Visualization- John Underkoffler, CEO, OBLONG INDUSTRIES.

Looking to take action on insights that will ensure your future success? Join
us at FT'14, the leading place where revolutionaries gather to decipher
insights and turn them into an actionable and strategic plan for future
relevance.  Mention code FT14BL &
Save 15% off the standard rate. Register today: http://bit.ly/1BdURXQ


Foresight & Trends Team

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