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Understanding the future of our Body

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One of the most complex relationships we have in life is with ourselves, and how we view and treat our bodies has become increasingly affected by society, culture and the media. Pearlfisher's insight into the future of the body will explore how the way we view and treat our own bodies is changing in a society increasingly affected by outside opinion.

Our transatlantic Pearlfisher Insight program focuses on four basic areas that underline the needs and wants of human behavior and therefore most relevant to brands and business. We have already looked at Taste: the future of food and drink, and Luxury: the future world of aspiration and its evolving expressions. Connection focuses on the structures and rules that will guide the future of our relationships and way of life but today we want to share some initial thoughts from our latest Body Insight which we will be unveiling in the not too distant future!

For Body, as with all of our areas of insight, we explore the big shifts that are happening, defining the leading edge by speaking to experts and opinion makers who are in the best position to shape the future. We combine this knowledge with our own explorations into the cultural and categorical changes happening around us to create blue-sky design concepts that build a rich picture of the future for brands. Our upcoming Body Insight report identifies 4 key shifts. Below is a brief synopsis of what to expect!

1) Today we are moving away from stereotypes. Beauty is unique, distinctive and inimitable. In the past we conformed to culture, in the future our constantly evolving, individual expression will challenge, change and create it.

2) Feeling the true value of time. We live in a society that encourages us to grow up fast, and then demands we aspire to stay young. In the future we will challenge archetypes and generalizations as the distinction between young and old becomes increasingly irrelevant.

3) Our health has never had more of a premium. We are embracing sport and science, pushing our bodies to new levels. In the future both illness and wellness will become integrated into our daily lives. We will be educated, empowered and confident. We will take control of our own health and demand knowledge and smart systems we can interact with.

4) Creating completeness for body and mind. In the future we will turn beauty outside in, look beyond self-expression and aside from age as we realize that the happiness we seek will ultimately come from achieving a more deep-rooted harmony.

Here, in our fourth blog post, we introduce these big shifts in our culture as they relate to the body, from a past where we transformed ourselves to look the same, to a future where we will transform ourselves to look different. Please watch this space for more inspiration from our latest insight study on the future of the body.

Next week we will share an introduction to what to expect from our Connection Insight that will cover the future of an increasingly connected world. To find out more about Insight at Pearlfisher please email jessica@pearlfisher.com

Jonathan Ford, Creative Partner, Pearlfisher will be presenting "Pearlfisher Insight: Seeing the Future" at the upcoming World Future Trends Summit. To learn more about the event, visit the website here. Readers of our blog can save 15% off the registration price with code FT12BLOG.

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