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Video: National policies, incentives and regulatory frameworks for the energy transition

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Energy Transition World Forum

Is Europe on course to reach its decarbonisation targets for 2030 and 2050? How effective are the policies currently in place to assist with the transition to a low carbon economy, and how might they be strengthened?

Filmed at the 2019 Energy Transition World Forum in Amsterdam, this panel discussion provides an in-depth appraisal of the policy landscape shaping decarbonisation initiatives in Europe.

This discussion features contributions from:

Erik Rakhou, Alternate Member, ACER Board of Appeal

Eva Hennig, Head of Department for EU Energy Policy, Eurogas

Akshay Patki, Policy Officer, European Commission

Poppy Kalesi, Director of Global Energy, Environmental Defence Fund

Marija Savova, Head of Commercial, Trans Adriatic Pipeline

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“People still think that gas has just woken up to the challenges of the energy transition. But maybe it’s also because Brussels was concentrating so much on the electricity package over the last five years that we were working in the shadow of that.” Eva Hennig, Eurogas


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