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Video: Decarbonising industry and transport


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Filmed at the 2019 Energy Transition World Forum in Asmterdam, this panel discussion features a range of experts from the industrial and transport sectors.

Watch the video to find out how energy consumers view the future of decarbonisation policy, what technological innovations are still needed to reduce unit costs, and how increasing electricity demand can be met without diminishing grid reliability.

The discussion features contributions from:

Hans Grunfeld, Chief Executive Officer, VEMW

Barbara Minderjahn, Chief Executive Officer, VIK

Jan van Rompay, Director of Sustainability, Lumileds (Philips)

Fokoin Tasoulas, Group Engineering and Technology Executive Director, TITAN Cement Company

Peter Markussen, Head of Ancillary Services, Energinet

Tjeerd Jongsma, Director, The Institute for Sustainable Process Technology

Ivo Verdonkschot, Business Development, E-Mobility, Vattenfall

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