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Clinical & Medical Affairs

Using Wearables in Clinical Trials: Going Beyond the Hype - WHITEPAPER


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Mobile devices like smartphones and its wide range of body sensors, can streamline the collection of distinctive real-life and long-term data. There is a growing recognition, among clinicians, researchers and funders, that digital phenotyping can provide invaluable additional data from patients using technology that is already used for personal reasons by the majority of us. Collecting dense data from trial participants using wearables in natural settings - often not collectible otherwise - may fundamentally change how clinical trials are designed and conducted. However, researchers face many challenges in the clinic, from scientific procedures to regulatory, legal, and operational difficulties.

This whitepaper looks at case studies of wearables being used successfully in clinical trials and how they have overcome these challenges.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr Catarina Carrao gained a PhD in Biochemistry from Northeastern Ohio Medical and Pharmacy University and an M.Phil in Biochemistry at the University of Beira Interior. She has worked as a researcher at Max F. Perutz Laboratories, Yale Cardiovascular Center at Yale University School of Medicine, and the Center Cardiovascular Research (CCR) at Charité Medical University.

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