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[WEBCAST] Best practices for crew managers and the impact of COVID-19 on seafarer rights

[WEBCAST] Best practices for crew managers and the impact of COVID-19 on seafarer rights

In this webinar, an expert panel investigates the effect of the global pandemic on ship owners' responsibilities and human rights in the shipping industry. Our speakers will also uncover the current problem areas with regards to corruption and hear expert guidelines on how to deal with these challenge.

This is be followed by a panel discussion which explores the challenges crew managers have faced, how they worked round them, and what still needs to be done.

A live Q&A featuring all speakers closes the session.


  • Part I: Examining what vulnerabilities have been exposed and the protections that should be in place to ensure crews are safe and protected at sea. We will look at seafarers' rights, visa and travel, anti-corruption practices and welfare provisions.

  • Part II: Identifying the pressure points in crew management during the crisis and future risk management frameworks; admin, bureaucracy and cooperation - what worked, what didn't; assessing system reliability.


  • Kuba Szymanski (Secretary General, InterManager)

  • Vivek Menon (Head of Collective Action and Partnerships, EMEA, Maritime Anti-Corruption Network)

  • Frances House (Deputy Chief Executive, Institute for Human Rights and Business)

  • Mark O'Neil (President & CEO, Columbia Ship Management)

  • Georgia Dowdall (Talent Acquisition Manager Crew Position, MSC Cruises)

  • Capt. Manu Dhaul (Manager Loss Prevention and Human Resource (Marine), BSM Singapore)

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