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[WEBCAST] NCRP Commentary on Oil and Gas TENORM: A Scientific Basis for Harmonizing State Regulations

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In this exclusive webcast an internationally recognized expert on the management of radioactive waste storage, processing and disposal facilities, Rick Jacobi, moderates a discussion of the recent NCRP commentary on the latest issues of NORM and TENORM exposures and management of residuals in the oil and gas sectors.

Rick will be joined by Philip Egidi (whose expertise include; natural radioactivity in industrial wastes, uranium recovery, radon, risk assessment and radiation regulation) and Bill Kennedy (Chairman of Scientific Committee 5-2 on NORM/ TENORM in the Oil & Gas Industry, which produced the NCRP Commentary No. 29).



  • Overview of NCRP Commentary #29 on NORM and TENORM from the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Scope and recommendations for the full report
  • Outlining the regulatory framework

Watch the webinar here:

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