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[WEBCAST] Will the COVID-19 pandemic lead to a structural change in LNG markets?

[WEBCAST] Will the COVID-19 pandemic lead to a structural change in LNG markets?

In this exclusive webcast session we were proud to host Dr. Sara Vakhshouri.

Having consulted with numerous governments, public and private entities, and international organizations, Dr. Vakhshouri has extensive experience in global energy market studies, energy strategy, energy security and geopolitical risk.

In this webcast, Dr. Vakhshouri explores the likelihood of a structural change in LNG markets due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The agenda included:

  • Long-term impact of the crisis on project financing and investment cycles

  • Comparison of how the largest exporters are expected to weather the crisis (Qatar, Russia, US, Australia)

  • Lasting changes to fuel demand

  • Outlook for the LNG industry

  • Possible effects of the current tensions between the US and China

Who you'll hear from:

  • Dr. Sara Vakhshouri (Founder & President, SVB Energy International)

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