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Webinar: Vectorization tips and tricks

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Vectorization webinar

Watch this QuantMinds  revealing crucial tips for mastering vectorization. 

Longer vectors and more efficient vector instructions make vectorization more important than ever. During this live webinar, Evgueny Khartchenko discussed the importance of vectorization and explains how to approach vectorization in a consistent way.

Topics included:

  • Specifics of a new AVX512 instruction set
  • Techniques that help compiler to vectorize code
  • Examples of vectorization of real life financial applications requiring certain developer’s intervention


Evgueny Khartchenko, Technical Lead FasterLab, Intel

Evgueny Khartchenko is a technical lead of Intel’s FasterLab focusing on enabling the FSI SW ecosystem to newest Intel’s technologies in EMEA. Adoption of those technologies requires vectorization of the code to efficiently use newest vector instruction sets and also parallelism to utilize growing number of CPU cores. Low latency optimizations and I/O tuning are also among Evgueny’s priorities.

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