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5 Best Places for Solopreneurs to Focus Their Marketing Efforts

Posted by on 27 February 2018
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Marketing for solopreneurs is difficult because it’s hard to find enough time to manage your business, let alone to consider bringing in new customers. But if you want to see success and grow your income you must dedicate a significant amount of time each week to marketing.

Perhaps most difficult is finding a strategy that works. There are plenty out there, but when you are working by yourself, many of them are unrealistic or just impossible.

Instead, you must boil your marketing efforts down to the most concentrate tasks that can be completed in a short period while still having a significant impact.

Content Creation Online

Creating content and publishing it on your website is vital to bringing in traffic online. Without content on your site, there is no reason for people to visit it and therefore writing should be the backbone of your digital marketing efforts.

Not only is Google going to index and rank that content for specific queries but it also gives you pages to share on social media and promote on relevant websites. Without these posts, it’s difficult to do any form of digital marketing because you have nothing besides sales pages to promote.

This content shouldn’t be purely advertising your business; it should help the people in your industry with their problems. For example; if you are involved in the construction industry your content could address common issues, strategies and questions that your clients and other businesses have.

When people search on Google for answers to their problems, they will find your content, and this spreads brand awareness and makes it more likely they will buy from you.

Social Media

Social media has revolutionized the way we socialize and the way that we use the internet. Every solopreneur should dedicate a significant amount of time to their social media presence because it is the way in which we interact with brands in this era.

By being visible on social media you can connect with existing customers and keep your business at the front of their mind, but you can also find new clients. Your social media posts can be shared, liked and commented on, spreading awareness of your company to people’s friends and family.

This tactic works for both B2C and B2B businesses. The reason why it’s vital for solopreneurs is that social media marketing for solopreneurs is quick, it doesn’t take you long to comment on a few posts each day and to create a couple of your own.

However, the results can be extraordinary, especially when you are using your social media accounts every single day and making an effort to connect with new people. Social media use is growing in Namibia rapidly when compared to many other countries, and that makes this an even more significant opportunity for savvy business owners.

Guest Writing

Guest writing in the form of articles or posts is often suggested as an SEO strategy because it can help you to get more backlinks to your site. While this is true and there is a benefit from ranking higher,guest writing should also drive traffic and sales.

By offering to write on favorite industry blogs, you can spread brand awareness of your company, and by helping out the readers, you can encourage them to purchase from you. For example; if you are a fitness expert you should offer to write for fitness blogs and sites.

Doing this will help you to build a reputation, more people will follow your social media profiles and ultimately that some crowd will become customers. Guest writing allows you to siphon a portion of the traffic from a more extensive website, helping you to grow your own company.

Interacting with the Community

One of the best strategies for a solopreneur is to interact directly with your community, both online and offline. If your business is primarily located in your local area then interacting offline is likely to be best, whereas for international firm’s online communities are probably superior.

Wherever you live in Namibia, there are communities dedicated to your industry, and there are people who want to become your customers. By taking part in events, sponsoring teams and helping the potential customers within your local community, you can encourage them to buy from you.

Influencer Marketing for Solopreneurs

Finally, you can magnify your marketing efforts as a solopreneur by paying for traffic and brand awareness from others. There are thousands of influencers across Namibia, people who have dedicated followings both on social media and offline.

The people that follow these influencers trust their opinion and are willing to buy the products and services that they recommend. If you were to pay these influencers either with cash or with free products or services you can encourage them to promote your products.

Influencer marketing is ideal for solopreneurs because it takes very little time. All you need to do is to contact multiple influencers and arrange contracts, but the results come from the years of work that these influencers have put in to build up their existing audiences.

About the Author: Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency- Web Design Minneapolis, and is a web designer and SEO Specialist out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Tweet him at @hookagency

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