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After 2:00, life will never be the same.

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~ by Aaron Keller, Capsule

2:00 tomorrow may not be for you. If you're okay with how life is going or you have an extreme aversion to change, 2:00 will challenge you. Don't worry, it isn't your fault, we are wired to avoid change, it is handed down from your ancestors and built into your genetic code. 

So, 2:00 may be a challenge and its okay. 

Or let's go right at it. Face your fears, confront 2:00 and take on the challenge that pours forth. Why not? What else do you have going on for the rest of your life? Seriously. And, you know you want to, its deep down there inside you fighting with the "please no change" genetic code. It's the part of you that will drop down and start eating dirt if you've been exposed to radiation, not because you know the minerals will help, but because you're wired to do so. Don't believe me? Look it up. Or as Taylor put it in a recent interview we had with him, kids who eat burnt matchstick ends because of the iron their body's just know they need.

So, we theorized together, more Taylor than myself, is this current movement by a generation looking to "do good and do well" built into our genetic code. Could this be a natural reaction to where we are in the world and the trajectory we are on currently. We are coded to avoid change, so could this be our natural instinct to avoid the painful change only our genetic code knows is coming?

Anyway, however you decide to deal with 2:00 is up to you. We won't judge. But, if you do attend and let Taylor Conroy's message in, you won't walk out the same. It is what it is. He is the CEO of Changing Heroes and if you're genetically ready for it, he will dispense medicine of "Disruption for Greater Good."


Taylor Conroy, the CEO of Changing Heroes is on the main stage for his speech, Disruption for the Greater Good. 

Taylor Conroy
Changing Heroes
Disruption for the Greater Good.

2:00 Keynote.

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