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Starting Course Not Running in 2022
Course Not Running in 2022
Starting Course Not Running in 2022
Course Not Running in 2022

Create, execute and problem solve with the latest AI & ML applications for (Bio)pharma and biotech

Explore the latest opportunities to redefine internal and external business roles & streamline processes

Course Not Running in 2022!

Fundamentals of AI & ML for (Bio)Pharma: A Masterclass Introduction will not be running in 2022

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Bringing You Key Information To Implement Your AI Strategy

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the pharmaceutical industry is increasing at a rapid pace and will inevitably continue to spread as expertise and understanding also grow. Combining big data with machine learning, AI could have a dramatic impact on costly and lengthy drug development processes such as clinical trials, manufacturing, and personalised medicines. 

  • Where do you begin when trying to understand this new technology? 
  • What does a successful AI strategy look like?
  • How do you begin organising your data so you can draw meaningful conclusions?

This 2-day live online course has the answers to these key initial questions. Guided by an expert you will be provided with an understanding of the processes core to the adoption and integration of AI with examples from various sectors. Additional case studies with key industry stakeholders will also provide an insight into how AI is already being leveraged in the pharma and (bio)pharm industry.

During this live online course, you will gain a framework enabling you to make judgements about the potential benefits of AI for your organisation. You will learn how to begin formulating an AI strategy and think about how to position your organisation so you can access the technology and talent required to make it work.

Meet your expert trainer

Course Creator and Leader – Grant Stephen

CEO and CoFounder, bPrescient

Grant Stephen is an entrepreneur, mentor and investor focused on launching and building organizations that improve people's health by leveraging the power of data.

As co-founder and CEO of bPrescient, Grant leads a consulting team of over 300 independent experts who work together to boost the performance of biopharma companies by unlocking the hidden value in their data.

Operating at both a strategic and at an implementation level, he works with clients to get that data under control, creates systems that answer the key business and management questions, develops predictive models and implements machine learning and AI capabilities that allow biopharma organizations to significantly reduce uncertainty as they move forward in a rapidly changing world.

Prior to founding bPrescient, Grant was the founding executive and CEO of Tessella, Inc, the US arm of the Tessella Group, where he also served on the global Board of Directors and was one of the three-person team that led the buyout of that company in 2012.

Explore and unravel and the trends of AI, big data, & IoT

Artificial Intelligence (AI) the Basics

  • Why AI is important to bio pharma?
  • Opportunities in the near term and the longer term
  • The fourth industrial revolution – what is it?
  • Definition of key AI terms
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning /
  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
  • Robotics
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of the functionality behind supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and deep learning

Creating a Strategy

  • Developing an AI strategy – What should you consider?
  • Focus for Strategy: Business priorities
  • Importance of Data Governance and Analytics Governance
  • Is the value of AI accessible to your enterprise now?
  • Best practice to approach identifying and selecting the most valuable opportunities relevant to your business?
  • Examples of AI use cases in pharma - drug discovery to clinical trials
  • Customer-facing applications
  • Common failure mods: What are the typical ways that an AI strategy fails to deliver?

Executing your Strategy & Creating AI Applications

  • The key steps for corporate adoption of AI
  • Examine the five steps to create a machine learning application
  • Development approaches to implement your AI strategy
  • Understanding the importance of data to AI implementation
  • How to identify what data is needed
  • How to collect and prepare data
  • Learn to manage big data and ensure your approach is scalable

Organisational Considerations & AI

  • Common challenges you will encounter and advice to overcome them
  • Human capital element in AI
  • Strategies for finding, hiring and growing talent
  • Retaining AI talent: incentive programs, engagement, and satisfaction
  • Being part of the research community
  • Methods of working with AI
  • How AI can redefine internal and external business roles and processes
  • Ethical considerations and regulations
  • Practical considerations for operating your business in the future – takeaway need to knows

Partner & network with key stakeholders driving innovation

This course is aimed at leaders and decision-makers looking to gain an understanding of AI, build an AI strategy and learn more about the applications of AI in the (bio)pharma industry.  


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Live Online Academies

Gain real-time access to a subject matter expert delivering online training in a structured virtual classroom environment. Live online academies are virtual versions of some of our most popular face-to-face courses.

Over 2 days students will learn through:

  • Live interactive sessions
  • Direct interaction with the trainer during live sessions
  • Participation in interactive features within sessions including polls, Q&A, break out rooms, tasks, case studies, and more
  • Revisiting recorded sessions with unlimited access for 30 days
  • Interaction with peers during live sessions and through the online forum

Timings and dates are subject to change - final confirmation will be provided with login details. Delegates will receive login instructions within a week of the course start date. If you have any questions please contact

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CPD Certified

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