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Apple vs. Microsoft

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A short while ago we posted an article on this blog about Microsoft and Innovation, which elicited some commentary. Often times when talking about Microsoft it is inevitable that the discussion turns to Apple as well. Earlier today I found this article on Apple discussing their market potential in the business world and how this affects the two companies in terms of innovation. As the article remarks, with Apple's focus on iPhone, a group of five companies decided to unite to form the Enterprise Desktop Alliance (EDA) in order to help the Mac gain market share in the enterprise industry. Regarding this development, Alykhan Jetha, president and CEO of Marketcircle stated, 'You won't see the type of innovation Apple shows from Microsoft because they have to cater to enterprise. If Apple caters to the enterprise like Microsoft, progress is going to slow.' Tim Deal, senior analyst for Pike & Fischer, concurred by saying that, 'Apple has not tried to be everything to everyone and that has certainly been a key factor in its strong position of innovation.' What is your opinion on the issue of Microsoft vs. Apple and the ways in which they innovate?

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