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BEI: Back End of Innovation 2015 Full Program Now Available

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You have the great idea...so
what happens next? The Back End is the make or break point for ideas in the
innovation process. It's where your ideas will either flourish or die.

BEI 2015 is the only event to focus exclusively on implementing ideas through
real-world problem solving and best-in-class case studies that accelerate the
success of innovation. BEI unites innovation and marketing leaders to share
strategies that unlock growth and drive revenue. Learn more about the event
here: http://bit.ly/1QmTACu

BEI: Back End of Innovation 2015
October 21-23, 2015 // San Jose Marriott // San Jose, CA
Introducing the 2015 keynote lineup:
Innovate When Markets Transform: Mohan Nair,
Senior VP, Chief Innovation Officer,Cambia Health Solutions
Why Innovation Fails, Stuart Jenkins, Senior VP,
Innovation & Product Development, Deckers
The Inside Story: The Hearts & Minds of
Unicorns, Porter Gale, Former VP Marketing, Virgin America
Who is in Charge of "Total
Innovation?": Jean-Phillippe Deschamps, Professor Emeritus Technology
& Innovation Management, IMD Business School
What it Takes to Lead Innovation: Rich Duncombe,
Former Senior Strategist, Hewlett-Packard, Director, Oregon Business Consulting
Group, University of Oregon
Intuitive Risk Taking: Caspar Berry, Risk Taking
& Decision Making Expert, Professional Poker Player
Download the 2015 program here: http://bit.ly/1QmTACu
Register by Friday,
June 19th & Save $700 when you use code 00FQ8BTVC: http://bit.ly/1QmTACu
Join us in October and discover how to implement your best
ideas to commercialize innovation. 


The BEI 2015 Team

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