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Benefits seen from Speedo Innovation

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In April, we told you about Speedo's quest to continue innovation swimsuits to make swimmers faster. Now, we're in the middle of the Olympics, and seeing what Speedo was innovating for: Olympic medals and world records. Three days into the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the LA Times reports that we've seen 10 world records broken in nine events. As of Monday, of the 36 medals awarded thus far in China, 33 of them have gone to athletes wearing the LZR Racer. So is it Speedo's innovation that should get the credit for the medals and the smashing of world records? The LA Times also points out that the swimming pool has changed, increasing a meter in depth and they've added extra outside lanes to decrease the turbulence of the water for swimmers in the outside lanes. High tech gutters absorb the waves created by the swimmers. This is also an era of differently trained athletes. But there are still an incredible amount of people pointing back to the swimsuit. So, what do you think is responsible for the astounding amount of world records broken: the innovative swimsuit or the men and women wearing them?

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