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The role of chemical regulations in the circular economy - WHITEPAPER


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According to the OECD global materials use is projected to more than double from 79 Gt in 2011 to 167 Gt in 2060. This will be driven by a growing world economy, which will also drive increased annual waste generation which is projected to increase by 70% by 2050. The traditional and dominant linear economic model of “take, make, use, and waste” is unsustainable. Its successor is the circular economy model, which seeks to reuse products and treats waste as a loss of value.

This whitepaper looks at how a circular economy can be achieved in the context of the chemicals industry, and the role that chemical regulations such as 1107/09, REACH and BPR will play, including:

- What is circular economy and how do chemicals affect it?
- What has already been done to combat chemicals in circular economy?
- Where do REACH, 1107/09 and BPR fit into the circular economy aim?
- Next steps to reaching a truly circular economy

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