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"Cooler sh*t coming soon"

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Out of the zoo and into the jungle.

Bill Less, Frito Lay and Ivana Nikolic, DuPuis.
Bill Clinton lied. People lie.
Yeah, and they do it with one hand on the Bible. People believe they are telling the truth. This is what makes it a challenge. The customer is always right, right? Yet, the customer is not telling the truth. Truth is essential to knowing how to communicate with someone. Great bit from DuPuis and a marvelous recovery from two years past in a discussion about research. 
The conversation then moved into a story from Ruffles. 
"people can say what they like, but they can't tell you what they want"
-- Guy Kawasaki

This was a true connection back to what DuPuis talked about and the Frito-Lay team made it their own by getting personal with the "bro" crowd. Makes me curious and looking forward to what comes from this brand in the near future. Curious to see if it makes a larger wave in the snack food aisle. Curious to see if my "bro" crowd will embrace this brand in the near future.

The outcome was elegant in the freedom the platform created for the design team. It may not lead to any one specific new product, but the ideas certainly must have changed the internal perspective for Frito-Lay.

This is where design is made relevant, where research is a "bro" with design.

Thank you, Bill Less and Ivana Nikolic, for taking us there.

Managing Principal

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