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COVID-19: Advice from the legal experts

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In a bid to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, the legal landscape for the healthcare industry has seen many changes and updates over the last few months. This has resulted in pharmaceutical companies seeking legal advice on the best way to proceed with business in a compliant manner, whilst facing major operational complications with increased demand coupled with reduced supply.

With requirements being updated on almost a daily basis, staying up-to-date with national and European regulations is proving particularly challenging. We reached out to our EU Pharmaceutical Law Forum speakers asking for their advice during this time.

So, if you've found it tricky to navigate the legal landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic, then read through our eBook 'COVID-19: Advice from the legal experts' to obtain some tips and guidance from those in the know.

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COVID-19 Advice from the Legal Experts Flipbook

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