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Creating and retaining a diverse workforce - here's how to get started

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It's no surprise that a diverse workforce brings stronger performance - but how should leadership teams bring about this transformation within their companies?

We spoke to Pam Jackson, CEO of Level 20, and Tanya Rolfe, Managing Partner at Her Capital, to find more about how companies could bring about this change in their teams and why it is crucial for leadership teams to do so.


"Not only it's the right thing to do, why would you not want to have increased returns by having gender and ethnically diverse people in your company?"

Hear from Pam Jackson, CEO of Level 20, on how to build a diverse and inclusive workforce in the industry, and whether the flexible working model, made more popular from the recent lock-downs, would be trouble or a blessing in disguise for workplace diversity.


"Leadership teams now need to be bold."

Although there is plenty of evidence that diverse workforces bring stronger performance, why are we not seeing this everywhere? How do you create a more gender balanced team? Tanya Rolfe, Managing Partner at Her Capital shares her thoughts on how leaders and companies can build more diverse teams and retain a diverse pool of talents.

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