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Design for People: You

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Are you prepping your three most valuable assets? Your hand shaker, note
taker and thought maker. 
FUSE 2014 is next week and the inspirational speaker line up looks as
intriguing as always. All you have to do is show up, put on a badge and
Top seven (and a half) simple little things you can do to get the most
from your time at FUSE.
1. Sit next to people you don't know and never sit alone. Last year we
sat down next to someone with one of our books in hand, "Design Matters:
Packaging," and the discussion was serendipitous and engaging.
2. Smile and introduce yourself to anyone. We have met the most
interesting characters who will likely never become business partners, but we
hope to keep them as friends because the conversations are always interesting.
3. Do something to make yourself nervous. Walk up to a speaker,
introduce yourself and make a meaningful moment by asking them an interesting
question. Some speakers get bombarded; others never get a question at all.
4. Raise your hand, ask a simple, short question and sit down. Don't ask
a "promotional" question or something the rest of the audience knows
is just you bragging about how much you know. Ask a simple question in at least
one session.
5. Take copious notes. We find notes, especially hand written, are a
direct connection to long-term memory. If you're unable to make a session, read
the blog for summaries.
6. Socialize yourself, physically and digitally. If the large social
platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) are foreign
to you or you've said these words, "I don't get this whole Twitter
thing," talk to me. I'll give you a quick tutorial and show you why you'll
see the relevance once you experience the other side. We were there once too,
we understand.
7 (and a half). "Be yourself because everyone else is taken."
Thank you Oscar Wilde. Be interested in others, enjoy the conversations and
just spend some time hanging out. Our firm was just selected to work with
Patagonia on a large project and one of their criteria we shined on was,
"would we spend a week in a tent with these people." Be someone you'd
like to spend time having a beer or a glass of wine with while exchanging
ideas, thoughts and perspectives. 
Enjoy the event, we'll be there blogging and socializing as well.
Contact either of us if you have an interesting story to share. Aaron Keller
(akeller@capsule.us) or Kitty

Thank you,

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