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Design the Conversation: Socializing: Post One

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FUSE is back.
Capsule will again attend to provide
commentary and thoughts on the subjects delivered by lecturers. While the
agenda is yet to be set, we are in a state of curiosity as to how these
conference leaders will design the 2014 conversation.
We've explored the idea of 'design the
conversation' for a few years now. When asked to help our clients in social
media, this has been our point of origin in the thinking that goes into social
media planning. We've found it sets the right frame for building a social
practice inside an organization.
So, it figures we'd want to set up a platform
of conversations we'd like to see happen at FUSE this year.  
History of FUSE: the
conference has been around long enough to cover some history ' not in the
traditional manner, but in form that identifies the patterns and how they
interrelate over time. The subjects within might include: type trends, dramatic
moments, people who shocked the audience, failures (honesty is the new black),
and perhaps even more details on the original story of FUSE.
Good Design, Bad Design: design is
entering the board room with titles like CDO (chief design officer), which is a
great moment but could also be a passing trend if those taking the seat don't
have answers to some provocative questions like 'what is good design'? What
better place to have this designed discussion than where thought leaders gather (FUSE) to discuss all things design?
Research + Design + Matrimony:
let's be honest, nothing in commerce survives the scrutiny of metrics and
design isn't going to get a pass with the statement, 'Apple didn't do
research.' The two disciplines can get together for a happy marriage; we just
need to be honest and respectful of each other. Let's find a way to make these
two fall in love and live happily ever after ' we'll all reap the rewards.
That's the start of our list. Do you have others to add?
We'd like to hear them either in comments or tweets. The time for design has
come of age, we need to earn a permanent seat in the
leadership of organizations.
Managing Principal
Director of Client Experience


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