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Discover the Voice of Everyone

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In marketing and product
, VOC (Voice of the Customer) is a common research technique to
discover customer preferences, needs, expectations and aversions. Is
researching only the customer enough to inform product design?
Think Bigger: Voice
of Everyone

bb7's VOE (Voice of
Everyone) research methodology honors ALL stakeholders such as product
assemblers, shippers, maintenance techs, buyers, re-sellers and end-users. Products
developed with all stakeholders in mind succeed in meeting everyone's unique needs.
The VOE approach to understanding user and market needs is a comprehensive view
of a product's life cycle. VOE produces clear results and works well even with
highly disruptive product concepts, a contrast to traditional VOC methods that often
become unreliable.
Powerful Steps to

Identify everyone with a stake in the product
life cycle
Rapidly articulate their needs, motivations and
Recognize and exploit areas of common interest
Recognize and mitigate areas of contention
Examine alternatives and select the most
promising way to proceed
Provide the development team with clear and actionable
Capture and retain insight so that future
efforts become increasingly efficient
Voice of Everyone is successful because it requires
understanding all needs as early as possible. It is the roadmap that uncovers
opportunities to deliver market-dominating solutions. VOE uncovers more
opportunities for product improvement, profitability and evolution than just
Listening to the
Right Voice

Is your customer the actual product user? Do you sell your
products or equipment to businesses who resell the product? Is your customer
just purchasing your product on behalf of another user? Traditional VOC will
limit design research.
A key aspect of bb7's VOE is identifying and studying the
actual product users who are often not the direct customer. For example,
consider the food service equipment industry. 'Paul in Purchasing' might buy
beverage dispensers for a caf' chain. He might be seen as the customer to the
beverage dispensing equipment manufacturer, but Paul is not 'Bella the Barista'
who will use the dispenser regularly or 'Chris the Customer' who routinely
requests a perfect Americano or 'Sam in Service' who is responsible for the
dispenser's maintenance. Each stakeholder has vastly differing priorities.
VOE ensures a strong focus on user-centered design through simultaneous
consideration of user experience, form and function. Results from user research
provide a clear vision to develop and position products with practical,
responsive and market-dominating solutions.
VOE Influences the
Effectiveness of Existing Design Processes

Simultaneous consideration of form, function,
features, fit, feasibility and user-experience
Rapid establishment of a rich set of
Structured comparison and selection of concepts
and development approaches
Measureable progress toward meeting final design
Visibility into competitive response options
Basis for communicating with market to confirm understanding
of needs
The Value of Research

Improving your odds for brand-building success relies on VOE
to acquire the information that will drive design decisions. Form and function
go hand-in-hand but understanding where everyone places value significantly
influences new product design and development.
VOE's Benefits

Identifying areas of opportunity that help focus
time and resources toward developing solutions that will satisfy customer
needs, rather than chasing arbitrary alternatives
Getting it right the first time helps the
product meet or exceed everyone's needs to promote a positive reputation from
the start
Reduction in redesign effort
Strong opportunity to position a product
immediately as a market leader
Listen for Success

Voice of the Customer is fundamental to business insight and
strategy. Researching beyond the 'customer' provides a view of every
stakeholders' interaction, perception and needs related to your product, brand
and business. Listen to the Voice of Everyone to discover a complete
understanding of opportunities. Success is out there if you're willing to
About bb7: bb7 is a global product development firm known
for being the secret weapon behind profitable products that solve untapped
demand, unresolved needs and business goals ' across nearly every industry. The
key to bb7's high project success rates: More in-house capabilities than the
average PD firm. Start-ups through Fortune 500 companies have relied on bb7 for
product strategy, research, concept development, ID, prototyping, engineering,
testing and product implementation.

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