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Disney: Invention or Innovation?

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To this point in the conference, Scott Trowbridge is the only speaker to swear on the stage. On at least two occasions. I admire a speaker willing to go there with adult language in front of an adult audience. And, he used it to humble the situation.

"This may all be bullshit" was one of the references.

Scott Trowbridge, VP of Creative and R&D, Walt Disney Imagineering gave us a great perspective on innovation versus invention.

Tangent: while this wasn't the exact subject of Scott's speech, his talk inspired this thought.

Disney was once the brand many people turned to in order to find inspiration. Now, many of us would likely say it is Apple offering inspiration. Now, what does that mean for Apple, who do they look to for inspiration? Likely they have to see the collective innovation of how consumption is changing or how consumer behavior is changing. Which is more resource intensive, certainly. So, at one point Disney perhaps had the same approach to finding inspiration as Apple is required to now.

Does this behavior go away? Or does Disney have one or a handful of brands they emulate? Curious.

Anyway, back to Scott Trowbridge. Some of other interesting parts of his speech:

>> He was witty, kind to most [excluding Kodak and railroads]. His delivery was very much keynote in style and fulfilling in content.

>> Genetic diversity is important -- great point. Diversity of thinking. Contributed to the show Lost, created depth. Depth from depth is an authentic way to consider

>> Invention and the Kodak story of inventing digital camera and how that was received inside Kodak -- invention is dangerous, innovation is incremental.

>> Patent laws are changing and the types of patents out there gives you an idea of why. It is harder to "own" something creative and the patent office is essential to intellectual property ownership.
>> Innovation is like a virus inside an organization. The organization wants to kick it out. See our recent blog post about innovation, it fits into your talk nicely. Innovation is a great way to get fired.

Thank you Scott for taking us there and swearing about it to boot.

Aaron Keller
CapsuleScape [Blog]

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