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Do you have a specific reason to Innovate?

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One of the main misconceptions about mobilizing innovation is to try to engage everyone with the same strategy and approaches.

Managing innovation is making choices and dealing with constant trade-offs about different issues, particularly the ones related to people. The ultimate goal should be to make innovation a collective responsibility of the entire organization.

However organizations cannot afford to have a single policy for keeping continuous motivation and engagement among all people. They should draft a plan to encourage that at least key people actively contribute for the innovation program and become long-term supporters.

One of the most important keys for fueling forward the innovation engine is the outcomes.

Innovation leaders should be able to show and clarify the areas that are going to be addressed by the innovation program and the type of benefits that the organisations and individuals will get in the short term, medium and long term.

Along with that it is critical to  express clear aspirations for innovation. Everybody knows that innovation is a requirement for remain competitive.

But sometimes what is missing is the specific reason to innovate. Is it just because of the fierce and increasing competition or is there a strong need to differentiate the existing product portfolio by launching a new line of products?

About the Author

Rui Patricio is the Co-founder and CEO of CONTINUE TO GROW. He is passionate about helping organisations implement innovation cutting edge programs that enable the deployment of differentiation and value added strategies. With more than 20 years experience in management and technology, Rui is a project coordinator, an active speaker, author, lecture and workshop leader on different topics of innovation and procurement.

CONTINUE TO GROW is a firm with a strong focus and background in innovation management. CONTINUE TO GROW supports organizations in their roadmap for change, providing critical support services and products to boost the innovation effort. CONTINUE TO GROW solutions combines software applications with comprehensive services and tools that encourage key users to contribute and become long-term supporters.

CONTINUE TO GROW approach stimulates an organizational culture that supports innovation by motivating knowledge sharing in a more engaging way; using the power of an 'expert crowd' to gather qualified contributions and promoting more intimacy and collaboration with key stakeholders. See our corporate video: http://youtu.be/ToAbmNJwnyE 

Editor's Note:

We invite you to join Rui, during his learning lab workshop on INNOVATION GAMES: GOING BEYOND THE TRADITIONAL CREATIVITY AND ANALYTICAL TOOLS at FEI EMEA 2015 in Vienna.

Innovation Games and its rapidly increasing applications are not anymore unknown concepts to innovation driven organizations. The idea of using game approaches to innovation applies to a wide range of services/products and industry/sectors. Either referred to software applications or other online and offline board games, all its elements are powerful means for fostering workplace social intelligence and innovation practices.

During this session, two examples of innovation management games will be introduced and explained: "The Innovation Stickers Card Collection" and "The Path for Growth: an Innovation Journey." From these two examples you will get inspiration and gain a better understanding of how these games could benefit your organization.

Innovation management games could trigger people's curiosity about innovation; promote more fun and engagement; increase the willingness to take the risks and promote openness to new ideas and technologies. Finally it will be highlighted how you can implement this type of approach in your organization and provided a checklist to support decision-making.

We hope to you there.

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