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eMagazine: The future of asset management

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The asset management industry is having to face up to change of unprecedented speed, and keeping up, let alone surviving in this environment can seem daunting at best.

Distribution is being transformed by digital platforms, robo-advisors are connecting with a new and younger generation of investors. Client demand, teamed with more stringent regulation, is pushing for increased transparency and scrutiny over fees. Active management is under fire from a tremendous upsurge in massive (and cheaper) products. The importance of environmental and social metrics to institutional investors is gradually filtering into the retail space, rapidly becoming something fund providers ignore at their peril.

In our first of the FundForum 2018 quarterly eBook series, we focus on the hurdles and solutions that these changes are bringing to the industry.


  • Paolo Sironi, FinTech Thought Leader, IBM Industry, Acadamy - Watson Financial Services
  • Olinga Ta’eed, Director, Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise & Governance
  • Joshua Satten, Sapient Consulting
  • Ioannis Ioannou, Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School


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