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eMagazine: Adapting to the new virtual era in private capital

The journey to a rapidly changing new normal

SuperReturn 2020 Q3 eMag

​​​​​​​The onset of the pandemic has resulted in many changes in the way the private capital industries operate.

In June, SuperReturn hosted its first ever fully virtual online conference, SuperReturn Virtual, which was joined by 400+ senior decision-makers. The event focused on tracking responses LPs and GPs had to COVID-19, and we heard from 30+ industry leaders and market experts. The highlights video, and two sessions from the event, are included in this eMagazine.

As we adapt to the world of conference calls, we can easily forget that how you present yourself is as important as the way you present your content. Read our best practice guides on professional video calls and top language skills you could adopt for your next meeting.

Also, don't miss out on more information, and our little surprise for you, on SuperReturn's digital events for 2020.

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